Friday, 21 September 2012

How ALL ABOUT LAPTOPS can help you ?

Common System problems:

  • Your laptop became very slow, taking ages to start.  
  • You have intermittent or no wireless connection to internet.  
  • Your laptop got infected by a virus or a trojan horse.  
  • Some peripherals stopped working: (sound, webcam, printer, network...)  
  • You get black or blue screens at startup, with warnings or security messages.  
  • Your laptop is taken in a loop and restarts constantly

How ALL ABOUT LAPTOPS can help you ?

Here at All About Laptops we understand how frustrating and distressing it can be to experience technical fauts on a personal computer. Our laptops are regarded as capital tools in today's life. This is why we aim to be fast and efficient if you call us with a laptop problem, while keeping your data safe, and respecting your privacy.

We are equipped to carry out any laptop repair: Laptop Screen repair, Dc Jack repair, usb or network ports replacement, motherboard repair, Keyboard replacements, Data recovery or rescue after liquid spillage, as well as system file corruption, virus and malware removal and general maintenance to keep your laptop running smoothly and efficiently. No job is too small or too big, and whatever your problem is, we will be happy to advise or take care of it. Check out here for more information on our All About Laptops.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Allaboutlaptop is the best laptop repair & parts replacement for all kinds of laptop, we are specialize in laptop repair Game Console repair, TV Repair,  PS3 Repair,  XBOX Repair,  Nintendo Repair,  here the place to selling used computers, laptops, and  TV. We are able to provide a laptop repair in CR0, SE11, SE1, SE5, SE8, SE15, SE16, and SW8.

All about laptop is one of the best Computer Repair service in London’s Croydon and Walworth. The services are including of Data Recovery Services, Game Console Repair, Mobile Phone Repair, PC Maintenance, Selling Used Laptop, Windows Installation, Virus Removal and TV Repair.

 If you have a Laptop / Computer / TV / Game Console / Games which is broken, old, faulty,  used or  just unwanted anymore, then you can trade in for Cash.

  • We are determined to give you best quote as possible.
  • We make sure your data on your HDD is wipe cleared before destruction or reuse
  • We use the best recycling method to keep the environment and our society Green.
  • We can pick your unit using UPS Courier or customer can deliver it to our shop
  • After making payment customer can collect from our shop or we can deliver using UPS.
  • Our Motherboard repair Engineers diagnose the fault and repair your unit.
  • We have employed friendly and efficient staff who offers quick turn around of repair at very reasonable cost which makes our customer elated and making them our regular.


All About Laptops is the best laptop repair & parts replacement for all kinds of laptop, we are specialist in laptop repair Game Console repair, TV Repair.

HOW to install your new Ram

To install your new Ram, perform the following :

Check to see if you have ample light. You may want to have a container to place small screws in. The system unit cover may have small screws and you don't want to lose them.
After you have plenty of work space and ample lighting, prepare your mind as well. Make this and every other adventure of working on your computer educational and fun.

Take the time to study the actual components inside your computer. You'll be glad you did should something go wrong. Follow these steps to install your drive.

First  : Turn off your computer and unplug all peripherals. Take notice of how you unplug or disconnect any devices. Locate the RAM on the motherboard.

Second : Remove the side panel of the tower system or the cover if you have a desktop. Place the panel in a safe place well out of the way.

Third : Before touching anything inside the system unit, remove electrical static charge from your body by touching a door knob or any unpainted metal surface.

Fourth : Remove the new memory from its protective wrapping and locate the sockets or memory banks to install the new memory chips.

Fifth : Notice the type of retaining clips that hold the chips in place. Remove any old chips you intend to move.  Now to be sure you won't damage the chips, ground yourself again to remove any remaining static electricity.

Sixth : Pull the retaining clip open and carefully slide the RAM Chips in their memory banks. Push the clips back over the new memory chips.

Seventh : Check and double check the firmness of the chips by gently trying to move the from side to side. Take a good long look at the chips for anything that looks unusual.

Eighth : Replace the system unit cover and reconnect all peripherals. Reboot the computer and the operating system should recognize your new or added memory without any problem. Its that easy when it comes to installing new or more memory. 

Read your computer's manual first to find out what type of ram memory you have and what is needed for upgrades. Take time to Visit the Kingston Memory site above and use their memory configurator to find out the memory you need to upgrade your computer.
And go ahead and enjoy the faster speed you should experience once your new memory is installed. Don't forget to run scandisk, defragment and disk cleanup to clean your hard drive of extra space.